Exhibition at SUTD Library

From 3 June 2019 to 28 August 2019 Option Studio and Core Studio II exhibition. Our Core Studio II “Memory of the Digital” (with virtual reality) and our Advanced Option Studio Second Iteration of South China Sea Agenda part of it.

Here’s the instructors list:


Course lead: Erwin Viray

Studio instructors:

Asami Takahashi & Alex Sun, Carlos Banon, Chong Keng Hua, Eva Castro & Federico Ruberto, Felix Raspall & Sebastian Linsin, Ng San Son, Philipp Urech, Rene Tan, Shirla Tse, Tan Szue Hann.


Course lead: Eva Castro

VR/AR workshops:

(IRL) Jacob Chen.Song, Young Bin, Yi Jun Ng

Digital Humanities (lecture series):

Federico Ruberto

Studios instructors:

Christine Yogiaman, Jason Lim, Jane Chua, Deniz Manisali

See more info on SUTD website https://asd.sutd.edu.sg/news-events/event/events/asd-studio-exhibition-at-sutd-library/