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formAxioms co-curates Not-Housed, history of experimental film. The project has been developed under the 34th Singapore International Film Festival (

On the 3rd of December, together with Yue Han Teow, Federico Ruberto co-moderates the panel discussion that includes Sam I-Shan, Fran Borgia and Ho Rui An.

The research for Not-Housed has been developed from within Hothouse, tougher with Currency Design and INTER-MISSION, it is displayed both through a physical exhibition and an online platform. READ HERE THE CURATORIAL STATEMENT:

Singapore’s experimental film scene is constantly negotiating its position in relation to dominant modes of production, societal narratives and technologies of re-presentation. Over a half a century, many disparate and “minor” experimental film (and multimedia) practices have emerged spontaneously and undetected, blossomed most often as self-initiated projects struggling for funding, yet shining for their unique creative zeal and vigour  — there is a lack of visibility of such critical artworks as they are not acknowledged by mainstream history that with this project we would like to tackle. Through this project therefore we seek to create an open archive that can host these experimental forays, a restless platform for critical discussion and expansion of dormant/homeless/itinerant/vagabond practices that might otherwise fall silently through the gaps of history.

The resource aims to consolidate, archive and connect different strands of film education, key film and artistic practitioners, screening venues and festivals and situate them within technological and the national imagining of media technologies. It is an attempt at collating historical touchpoints from film curators and practitioners that have been immersed in sustaining the ecology of experimental film and situating the data in an interactive 3D visual archive that is publicly accessible and updated.

We hope that through this resource, we will be able to reconnect and revitalise fragments of Singapore’s experimental film scene and chart emerging trajectories that will open up new possibilities to experimental film as a medium.

Physical Interactive Archive

30 Nov – 10 Dec, 11am – 6pm daily

Hothouse, #02-10 Aliwal Art Centre

Digital Archive

Sharing of Research Process / Panel Session

3 Dec (Sun), first weekend of SGIFF, 2-3:30pm

Multi-Purpose Studio B, Aliwal Art Centre