Federico Ruberto’s and Mi You’s short speculative essay is part of Singapore Art Museum’s “Lonely Vectors”. See more here: Thanks Kenneth Tai and Joella Kiu for inviting and curating. “” is text on DAO (blockchain and sg), “sacrificial” philosophy, Laruelle’s ethics of the “generic”, “communisation”, formalisation of economy-ecology (…)


formAxioms’ videos shown at the event FWB – Friends-With-Benefits Singapore, organised by SO-FAR

Bibliotech Exhibition Liverpool

“Negentropic Fields” exhibition and book are shown at BIBLIO-TECH, Liverpool. Event curated by Torque Editions INFO: Exhibition Research Lab (Liverpool, UK) >> 28th April – 13 May, 2022 Artist Workshop @ NeMe 8-11th May, 2022 PARTECIPANTS: Animate Assembly (w/ Caroline Sebilleau & Antonio Roberts), Anna Barham, Jonathan Basile, Joe Devlin, David Gauthier, Sumuyya Khader, INTER-MISSION…

Singapore Art Book Fair

formAxioms with HOTHOUSE presents “Negentropic Fields” the book at the 2022 Singapore Art Book Fair. Find out more about the book HERE

Negentropic Fields – Book

“Negentropic Fields” book is OUT! Condensing the joint curatorial effort of INTER-MISSION and formAxioms, and designed by Currency, the book (500+ pages) reveals the making of the platform and the curation of the archives that led to the conceptualisation of the immersive environments. It is filled with textual contributions that gravitate around media-philosophy and art……

formAxioms joins Hothouse

After a few months of coordinated effort and the renovation of a new space, formAxioms joins Hothouse as its third curatorial core. “Hothouse is an interdisciplinary project space keen on developing critical and long form creative practices. Taking cues from the humid ecologies of the greenhouse, it hopes to provide a space that supports artistic…