Colloquium SUTD + UOS

formaxioms @ Colloquium SUTD (Singapore University of Technology and Design) + UOS (University of Seoul). Federico Ruberto presents “Speculative Future(s) for the Anthropocene”

Time: 10am / January 10, 2020

Place: Singapore University of Technology and Design – Lecture Hall 3

Organizer: Jie-eun Hwang (UOS) and Stylianos Dritsas (SUTD)

Participants: Bige Tuncer, “Big Data Informed Urban Design and Planning (SUTD) / Jie-Eun Hwang, “Digital Twin Sewoon” (UOS) / Sam Conrad Joyce, “Design Computation and Analytics (SUTD), Jungwon Yoon, “Additive Manufacturing of SMP for Architectural Application” (UOS), Kenneth Tracy, “Fabricating Responsive and Compliant Structures” (SUTD), Kyung-Ju Hwang, “From Biomimetics to Implementation” (UOS), Federico Ruberto, “Speculative Futures’s for the Anthropocene” (SUTD), Dongwook Hwang, “Data-driven Methodology for Making Complex 3d Objects” (UOS)

FROM THE ORGANISERS: “As a part of Cross-Studio Coursework in Graduate School, Department of Architecture, University of Seoul and mutual intellectual exchange workshop between UOS and SUTD, faculty members would present their research works and share knowledge and experience”