formAxioms X YLab_National Gallery Singapore

After “Negentropic Fields”, formAxioms delivers a second project for YLab, National Gallery Singapore. The project is called “Common Landscape”, it basically translates users’ feedbacks, opinions on art and tech, exhibitions, etc. into two digital landscapes.

Common Landscape is a prototype that translates data into experienceable digital space, it is a mechanism that makes explicit that there is no digital-physical dyad as such, that in fact any expression is always a form of creation of zeros and ones, an act of occupation, distinction, nomination… of entropic combustion. Any choice is an event that once instituted carries effects and new conditions and that so necessitates a certain form of ethics as its precondition. Common Landscape is a prototype attempting to construct an interactive space for collecting and categorising user feedback, it renders out such feedbacks in a twofold spatial manner: as two-dimensional digital data-scape and as three- dimensional digital landscape. The users’ expressions are collected through a questionnaire accessible via personal device. Answering all questions mints an avatar, a unique 3d object with a given code-name to which each user could return. The type of answers define the avatar’s behavioural and physical features, also the affinities between groups noticeable in both landscapes.”