[Group 1: “Golo Island”] Philippines

Part of [Mapping the Invisible Iteration 3] “Design the Atlas through Micro Localities”

[SUTD Iteration 1

[SUTD Iteration 2]


Advanced Option Studio, Fall Semester 2019. Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD_ASD).

Tutors: Eva Castro and Federico Ruberto.

Assistant: Ho Jin Teck (Daryl)

VR/AR: with the help of IRL Team, Jacob Chen Shihang and Yong Bin Song.

Students: Kelly Yeo Jing Er, Heong Kheng Boon, Nidhi Hegde, Tan Jee Khang Benedict, Wesley Koh Zhi Peng.

Exhibition: The project is part of “Mapping the Invisible: Para-Consistency, Design and Fiction”, exhibition curated by form_axioms at the Shenzhen Biennale of Architecture 2019.