[Group 2: “Volcanism”] LAT/LON: Krakatau_6.1021S_105.423E

Part of “[Mapping the Invisible Iteration 2] “Form Axioms: Design Strategies in and around South China Sea” 

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Advanced Option Studio, Spring Semester 2019. Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD_ASD).

Tutors: Eva Castro and Federico Ruberto.

Students: Peng Haonan, Tan Shao Xuan.

[Students’ Text] The increasing volcano eruptions seems to be one of the few remaining issues that has yet to be architecturally tackled. How could mankind adapt and evolve through the unpredictable natural changes caused by such occurrences? And what could be done to develop an economy that mediates in balance with such an unpredictable ecology? This project examines planning and architecture reactions to such harsh environments, experimenting formally to adapt to the condition, to ultimately terraforming urban spaces that adapt and predict volcano’s moody reactions. The research is primarily based on infrastructural studies that could mitigate and mediate the hazards nature of volcanoes.