[Group 4:  “Augmented Nature”] LAT/LON: Mekong Delta_9.8127N_106.2993E

Part of “[Mapping the Invisible] Form Axioms: Design Strategies in and around South China Sea” [South China Sea Iteration 2]

Part of “[Mapping the Invisible Iteration 2] “Form Axioms: Design Strategies in and around South China Sea” 

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[SUTD Iteration 2]


Advanced Option Studio, Spring Semester 2019. Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD_ASD).

Tutors: Eva Castro and Federico Ruberto.

Students: Nabila Larasati Pranoto, Tran Thi Thien Tam

[Students’ Text] Southeast Asia’s coastal communities are sinking, and climate change is only one of many manmade factors contributing to their impending demise. Man’s relationship with nature has always been a parasitic one, to the detriment of our own long-term survival. In Mekong River Delta, acres of mangroves are deforested to make way for shrimp farms, leaving the land vulnerable to erosions, sea level rise and typhoons. In Jakarta, groundwater extraction has reached its breaking point, causing the ground to sink lower and lower below sea level. The developments of coastal communities, whether urban or rural, have proven to be damaging to the very environment that sustains their livelihoods. Yet what if there is an alternative; a community that is neither rural nor urban? What if instead of removing resources from nature, we add on to them and augment them? This project examines the possibility of a community that creates nature out of synthetics, living off their environment while rebuilding and modifying them at the same time.